Shared dining, we are happy to serve your friends, family and colleagues the best of our menu and the season. Our chef ‘ll make sure your table will be filled with anything you can wish for. Ideal for an informal setting or if you’d like to be surprised. We’ll make sure there is a healthy balance between fish, meat and vegetables and we’ll take any dietary wishes in consideration. We always serve what’s in season and what our chef likes you to try. That’s why it’s always changing but see our menu below to get an idea;


Sourdough and brown bread of Jordy’s Bakery with dips
Caprese salad with buffelo mozzarella
Tabouleh salad with bulgur, tomatoe and parsley
Italian charcuterie
Homesmoked salmon from our smoker barbecu


Dry aged organic simmentaler rib-eye with salsa verde
Our catch of the day from the north sea
Spaghetti aglio e olio with fresh scampi
Roasted vegetables with ras al hanout
Roasted potatoe with garlic and laurel


Homemade tarts and ice-cream
Fresh fruit salad with a yogurt dressing
Homemade hangop with lemon