We Love Music

Every Friday and Saturday there is a Dee-Jay spinning records at The Fat Mermaid. Nice, right? We think so too! Besides the regular Friday and Saturday The Fat will find any excuse to book a Dee-Jay, the same goes for throwing a party, so watch out.  

The Dee-Jays would like to take this opportunity to invite you personally for a visit at The Fat. The ways to enjoy music at The Fat seem to be endless. While you have diner? Check!
A beer at the bar or a cocktail at the terrace? Check!
Chill by the fire? Check!
With your feet in the sand watching the sun goes down? Check! 
As if all that isn’t enough there’s always a chance things turn into a party with you ending up under our beloved disco ball while dancing in the moonlight.

Our booker and resident Dee-Jay Jimi Hooker has built up a big group of real music lovers who consider the Dee-Jay booth their natural environment and love to surprise you with their (record) selection.  

Dee-Jays Choice : 
Soul, Funk, Disco, Boogie, Electronic, Tropical & Weird tunes. 

In Our Dee-Jays We Trust : 
Andre Agressi, Bonnefooi, D.J. Klapsalon, Frenkie, Gene Williams, Jimi Hooker, Lewie J, Pie, Porto Verde, Syd2000 and Wrong Sal.

Last Night A Dee-Jay Saved My Life :
Afrobot, Alex Montoya, Ari Deelder, Banda, Boy Q, B. Warren, Caat, Calypso Steve, Comp Li Ment, Cris, Da’ud, D.J. Almelo, D.J. Blackfox, DJoreen, Elrik, Enrique’s Groove, Fleur, Jamie 3:26, J.A.N., Janneke, Jeans, Lien, Loutie B, Mad’R, Miami Rays, Marlon, Mundi, Nevill Mitchell, Nacho Lover (R.I.P.), Niek Ta Mere, Non de Jus, Ocke the Kid, Philou Louzolo, Plenty Herbs, Primus Inter Pares (R.I.P.), Rem Gow, Ruby Savage, Satoshi, Shortplay, Sjoerd, Suze Ijo, Sydney, Sylvia, The Gift, Thelonious and Thunderpussy.  

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