Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday you’ll find the finest selection of DJ’s playing at The Fat Mermaid. Sit at the bar, dance or just chill at a cosy place outside. Here is whats up in may!

Thurs. | 4th | Niek Ta Mere
Fat Fri. | 5th | Jimi Hooker & Nevill Mitchell
Sat | 6th | Bonnefooi

Thurs. | 11th | Alex Montoya
Fat Fri. | 12th | Nacho Lover
Sat | 13th | Syd2000 & Compliment

Thurs. | 18th | Doctor O
Fat Fri. | 19th | Jimi Hooker
Sat | 20th | JAN

Thurs. | 25th | Jimi Hooker & Friends
Fat Fri. | 26th | Afrobot
Sat | 27th | Jimi Hooker

See you soon!

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